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Applied Mineralogy of Cement and Concrete

21-22 June 2012 (after ICDC 2012) Trondheim, Norway

convenors: Maarten A. T. M. Broekmans, Geological Survey of Norway and
Herbert Poellmann, Martin Luther Universität

sponsors: Mineralogical Society of America and The Geochemical Society

(Clipart courtesy FCIT) The Pantheon, Rome, Italy is the largest (43.4m dia.) unreinforced solid concrete dome in the world. It was built by the emperor Hadrian in about 126 AD.

The Short Course presents selected mineralogical and geochemical aspects of clinker and cement production, cement hydration, concrete durability and damage, and their characterization. The course is intended for anyone with an interest in the detailed material properties of clinker, cement and/or concrete, whether from a civil/concrete engineering or mineralogy/geochemistry perspective.

The MSA Short Course will be held directly after the International Conference on Concrete Durability (ICDC 2012) on 21-22 June 2012, in Trondheim, Norway. Information about the meeting is at Detailed information and registration online at course registration. Fees include 2-day course attendance, coffee/tea breaks and lunches, 1 hardcopy of Reviews in Mineralogy & Geochemistry volume 74, and 1 year of MSA membership (50USD) for non-members. NOT included: travel, accommodation and breakfast, evening meals, access to ICDC 2012.

Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Binder Materials

• Jos Brouwers, Technical University Eindhoven, The work of Powers and Brownyar revisited: A new microstructure model for ordinary Portland cement
• Harald Justnes, SINTEF Byggforsk, Alternative low-CO2 "green" clinkering processes
• Herbert Pöllmann, Martin Luther Universität, Calcium aluminate cement - raw materials, differences, hydration and properties
• Miguel A. G. Aranda, Angeles G. De la Torre & Laura Leon-Reina, , Rietveld quantitative phase analysis of OPC clinkers, cements and pastes
• Roger Meier & Jennifer Anderson, PANalytical, Industrial X-ray analysis of building materials
• Ruben Snellings, Gilles Mertens & Jan Elsen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Supplementary cementitious materials
• Paul Stutzman, NIST, Microscopy of clinker and hydraulic cements

Deterioration and Decay of Concrete
• Maarten Broekmans & Tetsuya Katayama, Geological Survey of Norway (NGU), Deleterious reactions of alkali with aggregate in concrete
• Per Hagelia, Statens Vegvesen, Sulphate attack of concrete
• Peter Laugesen, Pelcon Materials & Testing A/S, Microstructure of concrete